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Red, White & Blue Cheesecake

Lake Mary Farmer's Market

Saturday mornings were made for relaxation and, sometimes, a “Honey Do” list. But there’s something else that Saturday mornings seem to be made for as well; The Lake Mary Farmer’s Market. For those of you that have been wondering what it’s like to be at The Lake Mary Farmer’s Market, here’s the recipe:

  • Take one part and pull it off the internet. Replace “Online” with “Personable” and add smiling faces and interesting stories from each and every one of the unique vendors to create a one on one experience that you just can’t get over the internet.
  • Add a pinch of your favorite Richard Simmons workout video, except amplify the energy and enthusiasm of the instructor by 1000%. (Seriously, I was so impressed that I would have joined them if I wasn’t working the My Source Magazine tent!)
  • Mix in the smell of fresh popcorn that fills your senses as soon as you walk into the movie theatre and add a pinch of sweet. Now release into the Saturday morning, outdoor air.
  • Toss in a spectrum of natural colors and view the type of full, rich, and inviting produce that you just don’t find at an average supermarket… no matter how hard they try.
  • Stew for about an hour or so.
  • Leave Happy!

Were you at the Farmer's Market on Saturday, May 19th? If so, click any of the images below to bring up the slideshow. You can click the "next" or "previous" buttons to take you to through all of the images. It's also easy to share this page on your facebook, twitter, or pinterest accounts with the buttons immediately below the story. As always, thanks for reading My Source Magazine!

You can find a list of the Lake Mary Farmer’s Market vendors, directions and times, and plenty more info by visiting their website here – You can also find the My Source Magazine tent at the Lake Mary Farmer's Market once per month, where we will be handing out the latest issue for free, playing free games and giving out free gift certificates and prizes to cool restaurants, shops, and other places around town!