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Pastor Paul Hoyer, My Source Magazine's First Community Caregiver Winner!

Pastor Paul Hoyer gives so much of his life to help the community. Here's how you can help too! Visit now and pick one of the several great causes listed. Then, just simply give your time and help!

I’m handed a list of accomplishments and it seems to stretch on for miles; twelve years coaching youth baseball, twelve years on the Land Planning Board for the City of Lake Mary, fifteen years with the Lake Mary Chamber of Commerce, ten years on the YMCA Board as Seminole County Chairman, three years on the Board of Lake Mary Elementary PTA. And that’s not all. On this list, the “currently serving” section is almost longer than the list of many years of former service. The list goes on to read; Trustee for the Lake Mary Community Improvement Association, a recent graduate of Leadership Seminole, currently Chairman of the Board of The Sharing Center and on the boards of the Kids House of Seminole, Envision Seminole, and The Central Florida International Chamber of Commerce. That’s on top of his full time job… And these are all just a few of the many reasons that Pastor Paul Hoyer has been chosen as My Source Magazine’s very first “Community Caregiver”.

For the past 28 years, many Lake Mary residents have known Pastor Paul Hoyer as the Pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church off of Sun Drive behind Lake Mary BLVD. Not only has he embraced his community but he’s also led by example. “Helping people out… It’s sort of the core of what Holy Cross is all about. We believe the community should be different because we’re here.” And it is. Holy Cross Lutheran Church has approx. 150 members currently volunteering at Shepard’s Hope (a free clinic in Seminole County), 65-70 that volunteer at The Sharing Center, and about 35-40 that volunteer at the Oasis. There are also members that volunteer in Lake County and Downtown Credo (a donation only coffee shop near College Park in Orlando that is run by his son, Ben Hoyer). How does someone get that many people on board to help the community also? “You have to keep your eyes open and you have to look for real needs. I think too often, Social Entrepreneurs are looking to say, ‘how can I make a living at this?’ and instead of that you need to say, ‘What does the community really need and what of those needs can I help fulfill, if I am able.’ [and] you can’t always wait for everyone else to get on board. Most often, as a social entrepreneur, you’re going to need to be stepping onto ground that people haven’t stepped before. People are going to say to you, well what do you know about doing that or how can you do that or why would you do that.”

He has given so much of his life and time to help this community and it’s not just a passing thought. It’s not something that he does once in a while to make him feel good. It’s not something he does because he was forced to. It’s a way of life for him. “Life is about serving each other. And it’s about connecting with each other.” he stated. “When people say, ‘How can I be a part?’ That’s really what we want. We want them to be a part of the community. Live your life where you are and serve where you are. Serve the people in your neighborhood and serve the people that are in need around you.”

So now we must ask you; What can you do to help? For starters, please visit . On that page, you will find a list of all of the charity and non-profit organizations that could use your help. And we ask you this, Lake Mary, because we know you all work hard to keep this community a great place to live, to work, and to raise your family.

With his wife and children by his side, Pastor Paul Hoyer has been able to accomplish so many things that some of us only dream of. But the greatest accomplishment is that he continues to give. Congratulations, Pastor Hoyer. The $25 cash prize for yourself and $25 cash prize for your favorite non-profit that you’ve won cannot even begin to say, “Thank you” for all you’ve done on your way to becoming a Lake Mary Community Caregiver!

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